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Maak kennis met izzzi, een eenvoudige maar innovatieve draagzak voor pasgeboren baby's, ontworpen om je oogappel in alle eenvoud te dragen en lief te hebben.

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izzzi like...

izzzi is extremely easy to use. So easy it’s almost easier done than said. These three steps will have you and your baby in-and-out of izzzi in no time.

How to use your izzzi

a whole lot of easy

Just because we have designed something really, really simple doesn’t mean we didn’t pack it to the brim with smart design features.

Answers to all your questions

izzzi to love

Minimal obstruction and light fabrics ensure close contact with the baby at all times. Feeling your heartbeat, the child is reassured by your presence. A small temporary adjustment allows for comfortable breastfeeding, while the baby’s normal position ensures constant intimacy through eye-contact. To top it off, a vizor keeps out bright sun rays during summery strolls.

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izzzi to protect

Extensively tested by our medical board, our product supports a scientifically researched, natural way of carrying. Much like you would instinctively cradle a new-born in your protective arms, izzzi offers support from head to toe. The baby is always positioned with the chin up, face visible and nose and mouth free, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable position that will have your little sprout catching zzz’s in no time.

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